Autoimmune Understanding

Just look at the frivolous young teens in the photo. I makes you close your eyes and imagine life as wonderful and many times it is. But those beautiful and handsome your teens enjoying life are subject to some restraints which some understand and apply themselves sensibly to having fun. The others throw caution to the wind and act as there was no tomorrow.

Our lifestyle today in the western countries is a major contributor to the pain and suffering of sickness. It is established fact that in the decades to come more than half of us will be sick. That is one out every two and approaching two in every three. So where does the sickness come from and can we reverse it. Of course we can. Unfortunately in some cases the doctors cannot help because they have not yet invented a pill for the purpose. Natural health can always help so that is our purpose to deliver natural health information to help people get well.

The object of this exercise is to continue to live life to the full in whichever way you wish. We were not put here to be miserable. Sickness is miserable and so avoid it like the plague. Sickness starts in a few places and the autoimmune system is one of them. The others are the circulation system, the digestive system and hormonal system. These system have areas where minor faults can develop. In the autoimmune system the application of antibiotics is one of the major problems. Antibiotics are useful but real honest research has pointed to the fact that there are limitations and that restraint should be used. Each dose of antibiotics damages and slows the immune system for years to come.

In one case a small boy had tonsillitis. The antibiotics fixed that but the tonsillitis came back. So more antibiotics and again but the intervals became shorter each time. By this stage the immune system was destroyed. maybe not forever but destroyed for the time being. The routine was repeated five times to an interval of three weeks. When the doctor said there was nothing she could do except give antibiotics it spelt out the extent of the disaster. The parents took the child and sat with the child for nearly 50 hours cooling the fever until the fever broke with the aid of what was left of the immune system. The tonsilitis never came back because it was beaten by the body itself. So the immune system regenerated relatively quickly to take that child through years of exposure to germs and bacteria.

A lesson was learned and the following pages give lots of information about the autoimmune system. The information is suitable for the study of the system, which should be undertaken in more detail. Everyone needs to understand their bodies better. Latest research for example tells us that there are something like thirty bacteria in our gut for every cell in the body. That bacteria includes a major part of our immune system and we also have bad bacteria so we need for the good guys to outnumber the bad guys by a big margin.