About The Immune

The immune system in all of us is one of our most important assets and is often totally disregarded. The immune system is part of every new body at birth. Sometimes it is even compromised at that early stage in life but it is essential that a mother take note of the importance and do everything in her power to ensure high nutrient intake and avoidance of toxic substances and situations. See the website gloryofbirth.com.

Once the child is born in the present day the poor immune system is hammered with immunizations. There is much discussion about their benefits although it has never been categorically proved that they are of any use. Nevertheless the immune system is used and trained in theory to combat specific diseases which it may or may not ever have to combat. It survives this lot and goes on to combat all sorts of diseases from the dirt we encounter to the different forms of pollution we live with. Then there are virus-carrying and bacteria-spreading agents such as insects that live around our bodies every day. There is a high probability of coming into contact with something unhealthy almost every second of our lives. The opportunities for sickness and illness are endless. Somehow our bodies are able to naturally remain relatively healthy and when diseases strike we able to fight back even when heavily infected with viruses and bacteria. The immune system is a great little part of our makeup. A sort of natural defensive mechanism.

The immune system is generally made up of a structure of organs that work together in order to keep our body as healthy as it can be, including lymph nodes, bone marrow, thymus, and the spleen. A large percentage of its action is in and around the digestive system as this is obviously where most of the attacks come from in modern society.