Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is the soft spongy tissue that lies within the hollow interior of long bones. There are different kinds of bone marrow in our body – red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow, also more formally known as the medulla ossium rubra and the medulla ossium flava, The red bone marrow is found in the smaller, flatter bones and the yellow bone marrow is found in vacant spaces within the larger bones. Marrow in large bones produces new blood cells in adults. Bone marrow actually forms around 4% of total body weight

The production of blood cells and platelets. The importance of red blood cells and platelets to our body’s circulation and general upkeep is discussed in a coming website about blood truths, watch for it.. The bone marrow also helps our immune system by producing the white blood cells that our lymph nodes use. The bone marrow is one of the main initial producers of lymphocytes in our system.

Bone marrow transplants are quite common among patients with diseases that diminish the body’s production of blood cells especially cancer patients. There are other goals such as helping increase a person’s platelet count and bone marrow transplants are performed to help strengthen the patient’s immune system.

Bone marrow, unfortunately is subject to numerous diseases and infections. Tuberculosis, leukemia, and exposure to radiation are often culprits in the diminishing the bone marrow function and the blood cells it produces. If the bone marrow is not taken care of it is normally unable to produce the required amount of blood cells for the body, then the rest of the immune system will suffer as it is the white blood cells and lymphocytes that provide the backbone of our immune system.

The lifestyle requirements for a healthy bone marrow are the same as for all the other blood related body components. In tropical and subtropical climates it is predominantly 80% plus raw foods in the diet and in European or similar it is still 50% raw foods and the balance including greens and omega threes. There are a high number of blood vessels traveling through the bone marrow while it does its work. Red blood cells (erythrocytes) carry oxygen to the cells and tissues around the body. Platelets or thrombocytes help in clotting of blood to prevent bleeding.

B-lymphocytes produce antibodies while T-lymphocytes can directly kill or isolate invading cells.