Origins of The Autoimmune

lymph node is an oval-shaped organ of the immune system, distributed widely throughout the body including the armpit and stomach and linked by lymphatic vessels. It is about the shape of a bean and measures one to two centimeters. Lymph nodes act as filters or traps for foreign particles and are important in the proper functioning of the immune system. It mainly contains numerous cells In these white blood cells you can find lymphocytes and macrophages whose main purpose is to act as the defenders of your body against any possible bacteria or pathogen that might harm it. often act as the first-response defenders of your body, identifying what are and what are not part of your body and almost immediately locating and dealing with them. Lymph nodes are not just one single organ in your immune system. Actually they are scattered throughout your body to best be able to respond to infected areas faster and disperse the appropriate cells to meet your body’s specific needs.

Lymph nodes are the origin points of the white cell attack on infection. So cells from all over the body come to the infected area. The increase of white blood cells will cause a lymph node in the affected area to become inflamed. This factor can assist in the diagnosis of some illnesses. There are many things that effect the functionality of the lymph nodes including nutrition, pressure of work and prescription drugs such as antibiotics which mimic the action of the immune system. Some of these factors can cause the lymph nodes to fail causing the breakdown of the immune system. A healthy body never needs to worry about the action and ability of the lymphatic system. But in an unhealthy body painful lymph nodes are often treated with antibiotics. It is noticeable that the regular use of antibiotics for inflammation such as tonsillitis will increase the incidence of the inflammation until the offending part is removed or a natural approach is taken to break the cycle of shortening increments between incidence.