Autoimmune Care Starts in Children

There are no specific instructions to take care of your immune system and the organs that comprise it, the general guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you are giving your immune system the best possible chance of survival.

The most basic way you can take care of your immune system is by having the proper nutrition. By eating the right food, you are providing your body with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that it can use to supplement and strengthen your immune system. You can do this by eating your share of fruits, vegetables, and soaked or sprouted grains. You should avoid junk food and as much as possible eat no cooked or processed foods. and have the right amount of pure water without chemicals. Some protein may be necessary in addition depending on the blood type. Meat is a relatively unimportant part of our diet, it should be eaten in moderation as the fat it contains hinders the immune system.

Another way you can help your body out is by learning to remove the unnecessary stress in your life. It has been proven that extreme stress does have physical consequences on every body. Bearing it in mind that the brain needs high levels of nutrition, using some 15% of energy produced. A poorly nourished mind is over stressing and creates an imbalance of chemicals in your body which will harm your immune system. A weakened immune system will lead to illness, which in turn will most likely lead to further stress, so it is important to stop this cycle at the very start. Eat food with proven nutritional value only.

Obviously, along with high nutrition comes regular exercise. This encourages your body to release its natural vitamins and anti-oxidants which will further fortify your immune system and, at the same time, burn away the fats that hinder it. Exercise is also a productive way to de stress.


Our body’s immune system generally goes unnoticed despite its numerous important contributions. The practice of administering antibiotics for almost everything has to some extent bypassed the immune system and at the same time contributed to its demise. Sickness comes much more frequently now to the average person. And when the antibiotics do not work we have very little left of our own immune system to get the job done.