There is no part of the human body which can be removed without some ill effect on the total. The spleen may perhaps be one of the less necessary organs in the functioning of the immune system as a person can still be apparently healthy even after the removal of the spleen. However, this is not to downplay the importance of the spleen. The spleen acts as a  filter for the blood among other things and there is more research needed as to its total function. That may sound strange but you will find that research like everything else these days follows the money. So if there is no visible profit to be made there is no research.The spleen is mostly  responsible for the removal of old, dead blood cells and storing extra blood in case the body is suddenly in need of it. So it stores  lymphocytes, and other cells of the body that are essential cogs in the body’s immune system. Additionally it is capable of producing them. This function of the spleen, however, becomes less important later in life as other organs take over.

As previously referred to, removing the spleen is not a life or death scenario. Spleen failure at a young age can produce difficulties in maintaining the health of the body and the strength of its immune system, but  it is a ridiculous scenario that is should happen anyway and clearly points to major imbalances in nutrition.

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